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PAENG'S BOWL AND BILLIARD ROOMS showcase the latest bowling and billiard equipment in the market today. Located at various high-end malls, this chain of bowling centers cater to the more discriminating segment of society. Premium prices on bowling and billiard games, unmatched customer service, and modern interior designs are the characteristics of the PAENG'S BOWL and Billiard Rooms.

AMF - PUYAT BOWLING AND BILLIARD CENTERS, on the other hand, is the group which brings about the nostalgia in the sport of bowling and billiards. The likes of Coronado Lanes, Astrobowl, and Bowling Inn have become household names, and distinctive landmarks for the Filipino bowling and billiard community in the past 44 years. History of sportsmanship, camaraderie among the bowlers, years of kinship, affinity amongst families, and classic nostagic designs are prevalent in the AMF-PUYAT Bowling and Billiard Centers.

PUYAT SPORTS BOWLING AND BILLIARD CENTERS is the final chain of centers that completes the PUYAT SPORTS GROUP. This caters to the rest of the general public, and is the most widespread across the metropolis. Located in malls which have heavy people traffic, these centers have become leisure destinations for the average working class. World-class equipment, friendly smiles, and value for money are the attributes of the PUYAT SPORTS BOWLING AND BILLIARD CENTERS.

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